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We Tell YOUR Story

You have a powerful story to share. It's time for YOUR message to be heard. It's time for YOU to be noticed. HME can help!

Fund Raising Consultation

HME partners with faith-based organizations and charities to help touch the hearts of donors. We want to help raise the funding you need to do good!

Multi-Channel Messaging

Let HME take your message and share it across the channels where today's audiences are watching: web, social, mobile, etc. The days of a single-tiered approach to marketing and messaging are over. HME can help!

Audio/Video Production

Presenting YOUR message in non-written form is vital to reaching today's audiences. HME specializes in communicating through the production of podcasts, imaging videos, TV commercials, and special event pieces that move the audience to action. See and hear samples by clicking here!

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 We Tell YOUR Story

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Telling Your Story

Whether you represent a charity or for-profit business, you have a unique, compelling story to tell. We'd like to help you share that story through creative ideas that incorporate a wide array of messaging channels.

Let's talk strategy...start by clicking here!

Moving Your Audience

It doesn't matter if you are selling a product or asking donors to support your ministry. In both cases, the challenge is to present a compelling case that moves the audience to action. That's where HME comes in - we help produce effective messages.
Click here to get started!

Multi-Channel Messaging

We live in a very busy world and the competition for the eyes and ears of your audience is a 24/7 battle. The days of relying on a single method of marketing are done. It's time to augment your campaigns to include a wide array of messaging vehicles, and HME is ready to help! Click here for more information on Multi-Channel Messaging

Welcome to Hobson Media Enterprises

You have a story to tell. That's what we do. We help tell your story in powerful, creative, effective fashion. Our primary goal at HME is to generate positive reactions from the audience we're asked to reach.

We want to move people so they feel compelled to take action, make a purchase, give a donation, respond to your story.

The HME effort encompasses numerous facets of media outreach and consultation, including: broadcasting, public speaking, advertsiing placement, video and audio production, event planning, and fundraising consultation for faith-based non-profit organizations.

Whatever your messaging needs are, it would be our pleasure to talk with you. From annual fundraising campaigns to speaking at your banquet to the production of a full 30-minute infomercial (and all points in between), HME is pleased to offer our services.

We'll help you win the often frustrating battle of having your message break through the clutter of competitive noise in this very busy and loud world.

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