Special Radiothon Event Production

For over 110 years, the homeless and hurting in Michigan’s Saginaw/Bay region have been ministered to by Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan (R3M).

This wonderful ministry is much more than a rescue mission, but providing the essentials of food, shelter, and care is certainly at the core of R3M.

With an annual budget of more than $4M that is completely provided by private donations (no federal tax dollars), R3M depends heavily on the kindness and generosity of its donors to keep the ministry alive and well.

Hobson Media was invited to help create, launch, and oversee one of R3M’s most important single day events each year – the “Sharing Hope Radiothon.” For an entire broadcast day in December, a very generous group of 5 radio stations donates its airwaves to the mission for the purposes of sharing powerful stories of healing and hope, celebrating changed hearts and lives, and inviting listeners and business to call in donations.

As is the case with most major broadcast projects, the Radiothon requires a considerable amount of planning, production, scheduling, and on-site/on the fly execution of the plan in order to maximize the unique opportunity provided to R3M. Hobson Media is honored to serve in the role of Executive Producer of the Radiothon since its inception in 2005. We’ve been blessed to not only see financial contributions increase each year, but also the development of key business partnerships have continued to benefit R3M throughout the years.

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