Start Charging More – No More Rent Free Access

Our culture is filled with anger, depression, rage, and quick emotional reactions to even the smallest of events.

Why? Because we’ve forfeited too much authority to other voices who are living rent-free in our heads.

You have a unique mind, soul, and place that was specifically crafted by the Creator. You were made in God’s image and for a purpose.

That purpose doesn’t leave space for rash outbursts and reactions to things over which you have no control.

One of the leading reasons for the rise in public displays of anger is because too many people have handed over their permission slips for happiness and mental health to elected officials, celebrities, and a mass media – all of whom prosper and profit ONLY if they can keep you worried and feeling incomplete.

Don’t buy into it. Stop allowing them to live rent free in your being.

Start charging more!


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