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Alec Baldwin – Learning From A Tragedy

The awful events surrounding the accidental shooting by Alec Baldwin on the set of a movie can also point us all in a healthier direction when it comes to social media and how we treat others. After all, it was Baldwin who ripped into former VP Dick Cheney when he accidentally shot his friend on […]
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Building Bridges: A Conversation On Race and Faith

As part of our commitment to helping tell “your story,” Hobson Media President Bill Hobson was honored to receive an invitation to help facilitate an important conversation featuring the wisdom and biblical insights of two faith leaders – Pastor Dan Davis and Pastor Chris Pryor. This conversation was presented as a livestream through Hopevale Church […]
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The Impossible, Improbable, Unbeatable Journey

The timing had to be perfect, right down to the minute. The journey, covering hundreds of miles, was fraught with potential roadblocks – both literal and figurative. The very best case scenario, where every element fit together like the inner workings of an antique grandfather clock, would result in my arrival for a speaking engagement with a flop sweat-inducing three minutes to spare.
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