Top 6 Lessons from The Twitter Files

Top 6 Lessons from The Twitter Files When Elon Musk dropped a cool $44B to buy Twitter, it was a given there would massive change coming to the social media giant. But no one saw something as explosive as the Twitter Files coming and with the release of those internal company communications came a remarkable […]
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Start Charging More – No More Rent Free Access

Our culture is filled with anger, depression, rage, and quick emotional reactions to even the smallest of events. Why? Because we’ve forfeited too much authority to other voices who are living rent-free in our heads. You have a unique mind, soul, and place that was specifically crafted by the Creator. You were made in God’s […]
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Our Crass Culture of Clay, Andrew Dice

Matthew 7:12 – In all things, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There can be no debate that the discourse of our culture has taken on all the class and dignity of an Andrew Dice Clay routine from the 1980s. Otherwise educated and professional adults have morphed into spewing factories […]
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