The Aroma of Reputation: How Do You Smell?

One of the most enjoyable and energizing aspects of life at Hobson Media are the invitations to speak to organizations. With a mixture of humor and insightful teaching, Bill Hobson will both encourage and challenge your staff to improve in whatever areas they serve.

This brief video includes excerpts from a January 2018 seminar for the staff of Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan (R3M), a wonderful organization that includes two homeless shelters, a home for the aged, and a thrift store. The staff from every branch of R3M came together for a day of training and growth, and the final speaker of the day was Bill Hobson.

R3M is a faith-based organization, so it was a pleasure to draw from the teaching of Scripture that encourages us to produce an “aroma” that is pleasing to the Lord in all that we do.  The challenge to improve how we do, what we do, and why we do it stretches across all walks of life.

Bill would love to come speak to your group, whether in a faith-based setting or secular place of business.

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