The Impossible, Improbable, Unbeatable Journey

The timing had to be perfect, right down to the minute. The journey, covering hundreds of miles, was fraught with potential roadblocks – both literal and figurative. The very best case scenario, where every element fit together like the inner workings of an antique grandfather clock, would result in my arrival for a speaking engagement with a flop sweat-inducing three minutes to spare.
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Our Crass Culture of Clay, Andrew Dice

Matthew 7:12 – In all things, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There can be no debate that the discourse of our culture has taken on all the class and dignity of an Andrew Dice Clay routine from the 1980s. Otherwise educated and professional adults have morphed into spewing factories […]
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The Aroma of Reputation: How Do You Smell?

One of the most enjoyable and energizing aspects of life at Hobson Media are the invitations to speak to organizations. With a mixture of humor and insightful teaching, Bill Hobson will both encourage and challenge your staff to improve in whatever areas they serve. This brief video includes excerpts from a January 2018 seminar for […]
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