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With over 30 years experience in coaching, consulting, training, and helping, Hobson Media offers an unbeatable partnership

We specialize in becoming part of your team to help improve messaging, fundraising results, staff and Board involvement, vision-casting, and much more.


Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

What do the next 5 years look like for your organization? Is there a plan, a vision, a goal? We'll help bring clarity to all of those vital questions.

Staff Training

Is your staff performing to their maximum potential? Do they feel truly invested and included as a crucial part of the vision and goals? It's time for a talk and we can help.

Capital Campaigns

It's time to grow so you can serve more effectively. If you're nervous or uncertain about the next steps to raising the funds needed for growth, we're happy to lend a hand.
Fundraising Expertise

Fundraising Expertise

We've been helping great causes raise vital support for over 30 years. Let HME help you better connect with your donors by integrating a multi-channel strategy and telling your stories with excellence.
Brand Enhancement

Brand Enhancement

What does the name and brand of your organization mean to your customers and community? If you can't answer that and they can't answer that, it's time for a strategy that leads to answers.

Crisis Management

When tough news hits, are you ready to deal with it in a way that benefits your organization? Are you spokespeople prepared? Do you know who they are, or should be? Planning and preparation are vital when crisis hits, and we can help get you ready.

Board Training

The enthusiastic involvement of your Board of Directors is vital to the health and growth of the organization. Is your Board on board? We offer a full day Board Retreat to bring everyone onto the same page, invite them to do more...and in some cases, to step away.

Vision Casting

What dreams do you have for the organization? Are they realistic? Is anything being done to prepare and pursue the dreams? Putting feet to your faith and a plan to your vision isn't always easy. We can help set the wheels in motion.
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