Marketing Strategies

Tell us where you want to go and we’ll create the Marketing Strategies to help you get there.

Knowing where to start, what route to follow, how to shape the messages and develop a coherent battle plan – it’s all part of an effective marketing strategy, and HME can help put all the pieces in place.

HME provides an experienced voice of wisdom and insight for a wide array of purposes, including:
Strategic Planning
We can help organize projects from annual campaigns to branding new products.
Capital Campaigns
We can help iron out the workflow details for small to mid-size ($750k to $3m) organizations.
We have been partnering with nonprofit organizations for 20+ years, helping generate millions in support.
Direct Mail
We can create programs designed to tell your story with excellence and encourage readers to donate to your cause.
Project Management
We can develop marketing themes and concepts to suit your objectives and budget.
Crisis Management
If you’re worried about it, we’ll help you through it whether it’s Leadership transitions, Public Relations, personnel issues, customer confidence, damage to a brand name, etc.
Special Projects
We can be your go to auxiliary team-mates if you have time-sensitive or seasonal tasks that don’t merit bringing on a full-time staff but need a focused, specific effort.
Communications Training
We can bring our extensive experience to the table to help with presentation improvement for your organization’s leadership.

Your story deserves to be heard. It’s compelling, powerful, important.

But we live in a world of noise, clutter, and voices coming from all directions. Don’t let your story get lost in the mayhem. HME is here to help you rise above and ensure your audience hears your story!


To develop sound Marketing Strategies for YOUR organization,