Connecting with hearts by engaging the imagination

My attraction and love for public speaking got its genesis way back in my early teens when I appeared in TV commercials for my father’s auto dealerships.

The spots were awful (although at the time I thought they were worthy of Emmy consideration), but planted a seed of interest in the mind of a young boy…and that love continues to this day.

While my career has allowed me to meet a great number of famous athletes and other figures, my most rewarding times have been spent talking with people who are not known around the country.

I relish the moments spent gleaning insight and wisdom from men and women who have dealt with life’s harshest treatment and moved through it.

In some cases, they have stared death in the face and not blinked. When circumstances weren’t rolling in their favor, the requisite portion of whining that the majority of the world uses to escape – is not there.

These people are the heroes of our time. They are driven by a purpose. They are driven by a cause. They are driven by a belief that doing the right thing is enough reason. I admire those people and enjoy sharing those learned lessons with audiences at events of all types.

Your special event requires a special touch, a keynote speaker or emcee with the ability to connect with the heart of the audience. I don’t take lightly the privilege of being the speaker at your event, and I hope you’ll consider the tall, bald guy when you are looking for a speaker to challenge and entertain your audience.


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