Introducing “The Giving Series” from Hobson Media

Living through the pandemic challenge has brought an incredible barrage of change to the ways we communicate with each other. Who among us doesn’t wish we had invested heavily in Zoom stock back in early 2020? Faith-based ministries were not exempt from the “forced changes” to the connection and giving routes with supporters/congregants/donors.

At Hobson Media, we care deeply about churches and ministries and wanted to do something special to help guide, encourage, and challenge leadership to think through the “new era” in giving and communication…so we launched a new project – The Giving Series.

Featuring a video library directed specifically at churches and faith-based organizations, The Giving Series is designed to provide immediate, useful, practical insights to help Kingdom causes find the funding they need.

Please visit The Giving Series to explore the video library. You’ll find a sample video below and we’ll look forward to hearing from you if there is some way Hobson Media can help your ministry!