AV Production

Great stories deserve great Audio and Video Production to tell them well.

Bringing your story to life isn’t just important, it’s vital to your success. Your audience demands content to be delivered with excellence…and that’s what we do. HME has been producing award-winning Audio and Video stories for 20+ years. At HME, our roots are in production. That’s how we started and where we continue to grow.

On behalf of our key partners, we’ve produced:

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Video Production



Hundreds of TV commercials seen on broadcast networks across the nation
Dozens of hours of TV programming featuring top travel destinations and products
Radio Ads
Hundreds of Radio commercials and PSAs for Non-profit causes and For-Profit businesses
Live Remotes
Full day Radiothons for charitable causes

After production is done, the issue of placement is just as vital.

Now that you have a message to share, WHERE you place it is crucial. A well-produced message is of no value if no one sees it.

HME can help there, too, by serving in the role of Media Placement Agency. We’ll work with your local media outlets to secure the best prices, airtimes, and packages to make the most of your marketing dollars.

We’re ready to partner with you to help tell your story – and we’ll work with your budget to make it happen!


To produce high quality Audio and Video stories to engage YOUR audience,